Best Concrete Flatwork in Weatherford

Weatherford Concrete Flatwork

Weatherford Concrete is a reputable concrete installation services provider with years of experience serving the residents of Weatherford, TX. We also provide concrete pouring and repair services to homes and businesses in the area, covering structures such as driveways, patios, garages and so on. What’s more, we are a fully licensed and bonded concrete contractor meaning you can trust us in providing you quality concrete services within the city. Feel free to contact us today for a free quotation on what we have to offer.

We provide quality concrete flatwork services for customers who need simple and elegant concrete slab finishes for their homes, without any decorative elements added. Our concrete flatwork is typically the installation of choice for most walkways, driveways, patios and garages in Weatherford. This concrete option is less costly than brick or stone masonry, plus we can give it a plush finish that can even compete aesthetically with other materials. We make our concrete flatwork by precisely mixing the material, rapidly delivering it to ensure adequate curing and using delicate application methods to achieve structural integrity and aesthetic function.

Stamped Concrete in Weatherford

Our concrete stamping services involve imprinting the material with a unique pattern or design of your choice. It’s suitable for those who need low-maintenance patterned flooring for their homes or businesses, and is also a very low cost installation. We typically create our stamped concrete by embossing freshly poured concrete with diverse patterns such as slate, cobblestone, tile, woods and so on. This product can bring out the beauty and elegance of any structure where it’s installed, and is quite practical as well.

Stained Concrete in Weatherford

We use various staining techniques to help you achieve the desired look for your concrete. One of them is applying special concrete dyes that create unique earth-tone shades, and provide a transparent effect to your concrete surfaces and overlays. Our dyes are capable of penetrating through the concrete and filling in the pores, which allows for a more precise and consistent hue for your concrete. We can also use acid stain which is a special chemical used to color concrete surfaces. It’s usually applied onto the material using a sprayer or brush, where it starts a chemical reaction within the concrete itself leading to a permanent stain that’s resistant to fading or wearing out.

Exposed Aggregate in Weatherford

Our exposed aggregate cement is created by taking out the top-layer of cement cream and leaving behind the decorative course aggregate. This decorative finish can be used on any design style whether it’s modern or traditional, including vertical surfaces and steps. At your request, we can also make the cement aggregate richer by adding other custom elements such as glass or sand stones that will deliver a more beautiful finish.

Colored Concrete in Weatherford

We usually color concrete surfaces by using a special iron-oxide based coloring agent, which is added onto the concrete and thoroughly mixed to produce a uniform blend throughout the material. Likewise, colored pigments can be spread onto the surface of an existing concrete slab to achieve the desired color. Our concrete coloring procedures are designed to produce a uniform pigmentation throughout the concrete.

Weatherford Concrete offers the best concrete services in Weatherford, Texas. Contact us today for a free quotation on all our concrete services, you can reach us through our numbers on 682-204-6364. We’ll be glad to hear from you.